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Looking to rent a vehicle for your holiday in the Highlands, has your own car let you down and you need to get around?
We can help
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We have great prices for our fleet which has a wide range of vehicles. From small cars to 17 seater minibuses.

All vehicle hires include: one named driver, comprehensive insurance & VAT (tax),
no additional charges for non-UK licences and free delivery in the Fort William area.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find your answer in the common questions below please call, email us or use our contact form.

Who Can Hire?

To hire a vehicle from us and be covered by our insurance you must meet certain criteria for age, licence type, driving experience, occupation.

For car hire you must be either:

between 23 - 75 and held a full UK driving licence for 2 years.
between 25 - 75 and held a full non-UK driving licence for 2 years.

Non-UK Driving Licences
We can only accept non-EU driving licences that are in the english language. If your licence is not then you must have an International Driving Permit/Licence, issued in your home country, in order to be able to rent a vehicle from us. We cannot accept translations of your licence, certified or otherwise endorsed by your Embassy, only a valid International Driving Permit/Licence is accepted.

If you are employed in any of the following professions then unfortunately our insurance provider will not cover you and we are not able to hire a vehicle to you.
  • non-UK armed services
  • professional sportsmen/women
  • professional gamblers
  • models
  • market/stall traders
  • entertainment, inc. part-time
  • unemployed

Licence Endorsements/Convictions
If you have any points on your licence or any driving convictions please contact us BEFOREHAND as there are certain endorsement codes and combinations thereof that we are unable to provide insurance cover for.

Previous Accidents
If you have had any driving-related accident in the last three years please contact us to confirm if we are able to insure you.

Insurance History
If you have had a motor insurance policy cancelled, refused or had any special conditions imposed upon you previously please contact as so we can confirm if our insurance would cover you.

For full terms and conditions please
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How Can I Pay?

How can I pay?
All hires must be payed by debit or credit card. We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Unfortuantely we can no longer accept cash or personal cheques.

Is there a deposit?
Yes, in addition to the cost of the hire we also take a deposit of £150 from your card. This is refunded upon the return of your rental vehicle in the same condition as it was hired to you.

When do I pay?
For any pre-booked hires the cost of your hire & deposit are charged to your card 24 hours in advance.

For any hires booked on the day, charges must be paid before any vehicle can be released to you.

Any Mileage Limits?

Car hire
For hires of 1 to 3 days: 300 miles per day.

For hires of 4 days or more: unlimited mileage.

12p per mile (inc. VAT) excess mileage charge will be levied where applicable.

Additional Drivers?

You can add extra drivers at a cost of £10 per driver per day, with a maximum of 2 additional drivers per vehicle hired (3 drivers per vehicle in total).

Extra drivers can only be added for the duration of your rental and cannot be altered on a daily basis.

Extra Equipment

Child's car seats
(required by UK law for any child under 135cm or under 11 years old)
£5 per hire

We have baby, child and booster seats available.

Sat-Nav unit
£5 per day/maximum of £35 per hire.


Insurance is compulsory for all vehicles on the road in the UK.

All of our rentals are covered by "comprehensive" insurance. This means that in the event of an accident the costs of repairs to any third party vehicle, as well as the costs of repairs to your rental vehicle are covered.

However with our comprehensive insurance there is an insurance excess or "insurance deductible" payable in the event of any damage occurring to your rental car whilst in your care.

Your are liable for up to £750 of
any damage to the vehicle, this includes tyres, wheels, windscreens etc.

The insurance excess can be reduced from £750 to £250 by an additional daily payment of £10 per day

Essential Documents

On the day of hire you must bring the following original documents:

1) your full driving licence.

2) the credit card used to confirm your booking.

3) one of the following documents to confirm your identity, or current address if not present on your licence:
  • Passport
  • Post Office or building society savings book
  • Current utility bill (except for mobile phones)
  • Rent book
  • HP agreement
  • Life assurance policy

UK Licence Share Code

For UK drivers – you must provide a “share code” which you will obtain from the DVLA (

This code should be passed to us no sooner than 14 days prior to your hire commencing to enable us to access your driving details.

Cancellation Policy

If you inform us with over 36 hours notice you can cancel without consequence.

However if you cancel within 36 hours of the hire commencing a cancellation fee equivalent to one day's hire may be charged for local rentals.

For one way hires cancelled with less than 36 hours notice a days rental and additional collection fee is charged.