Mechanical problems? Strange noises & rattles when your driving? Unexpected dents or scratches? Routine service? MOT?
Our well equipped garage and experienced staff will help keep you & your vehicle on the road.
MOT Testing
MOT Testing
Our facilities can handle a variety of vehicles.
  • Class IV MOT - most cars and motorhomes.
  • Class V MOT - private vehicles or ambulances seating 9 -16 passengers.
  • ClassVII MOT - goods vehicles (3,000-3,500 kg DGW).
Mechanical & MOT Repairs
We offer a full range of mechanical repairs: brakes, clutches, exhausts, batteries, coil springs, steering racks, electrical repairs and more.

Our specialist equipment and large premises allow us to handle a variety of vehicles up to 5000 kg.
Bosch & Delphi Computer Diagnostics
Has a dreaded warning light come on? You may not have to make an expensive visit to a main dealer...

With the latest diagnostics from Bosch we can connect to and diagnose faults for the majority of vehicles (~90%) on the road from
£66* inc. VAT
*NB our software is constantly updated but some makes and models will only allow limited access due to manufacturer limitations, please contact us to check.
Air-con Service
Air-Con Servicing
Is your air conditioning system not keeping things as cool as it used to?

We can recharge your air-con from only
£72** inc. VAT
** Price is dependent on refrigerant gas type (R134a or R1234yf) and quantity required. Please get in touch to find out more.
Wheel Alignment
Wheel Alignment
Are your tyres wearing unevenly, steering wheel squint or car not handling like it should?

Get your wheel alignment checked and adjusted for only
£36 inc. VAT